Monday, November 9, 2015

Vivosmart HR review -- intensity minutes on a treadmill walk (0)

More experiential data this am:

Notes -- 

Went for a 40 minute treadmill walk.  
Earned around 4800 steps, 0 intensity minutes.
My HR was bouncing around 80-95, but had one spike (probably inaccurate) to 134 (when I started on the treadmill at a slow speed).
Started around 2.5 mph and worked up to 3.3 by the end, 0 incline with 3% by the end.

The IM meter started flashing a couple of times, but clearly not enough activity to kick it into counting.

Conclusion: a walk may or may not kick in the IM count.  I successfully had it count on an outside walk with some significant hills - distance of 1 mi, time of about 15 minutes.  A 40 minute walk on the treadmill didn't work this time.

More and final thoughts for now:


  1. For some reason I notice the walk outside kicks on the intensity minutes more reliably than the treadmill walk.

  2. Perhaps it kicks the hr to a trigger point orr because there's more arm swing when walking out doors.

  3. Well I did 20 mins on treadmill at 3,0 incline; speed 5:0 & recorded no intensity minutes.

    I just did a brisk walk around my acreage for 12 minutes maintaining pace - just to test the IM - zip IM.

    I just swapped from Fitbit to Garmin & not real happy as this is my weight loss motivator. I got my heart rate to 140 during that walk so would have thought this may have activated it.

  4. Intensity minutes drove me crazy because of their inconsistency. As a result, I've switched to the 235 for activity and hr tracking. No IMs, but no loss given the faulty and unreliable metric.

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