Monday, June 15, 2015

Fartlek Round, Ken Michal version

With all respect and apologies to Eric Schranz's UltraRunnerPodcast , I love the Fartlek Round at the end of his show.  Although I'm fairly certain I will not be doing a 100 miler, and I'm not "screaming fast", I love listening to people talking about doing things I'll never be doing myself.  Dark is for sleeping, not running, unless its +/- 2 hours of sunrise/sunset. Sort of like my not drinking before 5 pm local time rule -- we need some rules to survive.

I wanted this blog to be about gear. There are a lot of people who add more on a host of other running-related issues and do it better than I ever could.  I wanted a blog that could cover some space but with something unique to offer -- I figure that given my OCD-like approach to gear, I have covered more ground in this area than the average person.  

Despite that overriding goal, and my desire to spare you what goes on inside my head... every time I listen to URP's Fartlek Round, I think about how I'd answer the question.

So...  now that I have a blog, who's going to stop me?

9 Questions from the excellent Ken Michal interview (Jan 12 2015)

What's my favorite tropical drink?  Planter's punch.
When was the last time I roller skated? 6th grade, much to my youngest daughter's regret.
Post race treat: Pepperoni Pizza (Pete's if possible)
Do I cross-train? Yes, mostly ellipticals as a second workout or on running rest days.  I also walk a lot on the treadmill at sub 3 mph pace to increase time on my feet and get cheap steps in.  I think that counts as xt.
My running hero? Arthur Newton, despite the fact he was totally crackers.
My favorite meal?  Probably fried clams from Dairy Joy.
My favorite place to run? Doesn't matter much, but the C&O canal in my "backyard".
How many orphan socks do I have in my drawer: it always seems to rotate around a half dozen.  They turn up eventually.
My favorite beer?  IPAs.  Right now, DC Brau The Corruption.  But I do also like "lawnmowing" beers -- lighter lagers, Kolsch's, when it's hot.

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