Sunday, July 12, 2015

Nexcare first aid tape

I manage to forget a lot of the low moments in races.  I guess its a lot like childbirth - if you remembered, you'd never do it again.

One indelibly burned into my mind is the end of the North Face DC half marathon.  I got a brutal case of nipple chafe around ten miles into what turned out to be a 14.3 mile hot slog. By the end of the race, I had what is commonly known as the "Sad Clown Face."

As the article says, men, don't forget you have nipples.  The best remedy for a while was duct tape, but removal always ended up a lot like this.

I finally discovered Nexcare first aid tape.  It stays on very well if you do your manscaping right, which means an electric, not a regular razor, please, on these parts.  And it comes off nice and easy, no screaming like the duct tape.

Once, I used it to cover a blister on the back of a heel.  It didn't stay as well as duct tape, but there's no hair down there so the painful removal isn't an issue.

Being summer and all, consider this a public service announcement.

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